Tommy’s European Beer Cafe:

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The Story:

Legend has it that Tommy emerged from a glowing volcanic rock at the crater of Mt. Vesuvius. Others claim he mysteriously appeared from the depths of the frozen Siberian Tundra mud.

Regardless of his origin, there is no doubt Tommy was a thirsty man with a desire to help fellow man relax and unwind. A true gentleman without a time period, age, or a surname, but certainly a great connoisseur of the golden liquid that we love – beer. Tommy was there when beer was spread through Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes as far back as 3000 BC.

Fortunately Tommy is still with us today to provide the only remedy known to man for raging thirst from a hard day’s labor. In one incident many years ago, an agitated man with a musket was quickly disarmed with an ice cold beer, goulash and the charming smiles of a European waitress. To this day the “musket man” remains a good customer and friend of Tommy’s. Here at Tommy’s Beer Cafe, you can quench your thirst, satisfy the most ravenous hunger and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere as you pass the time with friends and strangers alike.


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The Location:

123 Glebe point road, Glebe:

Based in the bustling community of Glebe, Tommy’s is right in the middle of a myriad Bars, restaurants, shops and curiosity stores.

So, drop in any time for a snack, delicious main dish, refreshing beer – or all three! 123 Glebe Point Road, see you soon.
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Food and Beverages:

Tommy’s menu is based around hearty and filling cuisine from all over Europe.

Traditional Receipes:

n the pages of the menu you will find recipes from Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany and many more. One thing is for certain; you wont be leaving with an empty stomach!

European Beer:

What better way to wash down all of that great food? Premium imported European beer on tap. Cheers!