Tommy's Duck Fair 2018

Annual Duck Fair at Tommy’s – April 14 & 15:

April is duck-time at Tommy’s! And because of it’s huge popularity it’s an extended version going for 2 days from 14th to 15th April. Enjoy roasted duck & goose, duck liver and sweet wine.

Mark the dates – Saturday & Sunday, April 14 & 15 – from 12pm to 12am – book a table now, it’s popular, don’t miss out!


Hungarian Kitchen Specials:

When was the last time you enjoyed an authentic Hungarian Goulash? Well, hold tight as Hungarian Kitchen Specials are coming at Tommy’s from February 12th to 18th, with traditional recipes prepared by authentic Hungarians! Book a table now call (02) 9660 6870 and come to Tommy’s to enjoy Goulash, Langosh, Halaszle Soup and many other goodies!